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Delay Sprays For Better & Long Lasting Moments
Ever wondered if there exists a silver bullet to last longer in bed? Well, the solution lies in the incredible potency of delay sprays from Sexy Lingerie Dubai. You can finally break away from the limiting shackles of premature ejaculation and engage in a steamy sex session that can satisfy both individuals. 

These delay sprays for men are scientifically proven solutions to prolong the lovemaking sessions by delaying ejaculation. Moreover, multiple side effects such as increased intimacy and a boost of confidence are achieved after every lengthy sex session. With the goodness of delay sprays, you can call all the shots and venture into multiple terrains of erotic pleasures.

The Secret To Climax Control
Sex is the only activity in life that makes you a loser when you reach the finish line first. And, delay sprays have saved that potential embarrassment of countless men throughout the world. Top researchers have also made a stunning discovery in a study that revealed a whopping 64% increase in the duration of sexual activity among thousands of men who used delay sprays.

What Causes Premature Ejaculation?
Several factors are responsible for causing these distressing premature ejaculations in men. People who lead an unhealthy lifestyle with less physical activity and excessive consumption of alcohol or cigarettes are also prone to premature ejaculation. Sexual performance is decreased to an all-time low when such a lifestyle is frequently followed.

How Does The Delay Spray Work?
Typically, delay sprays start showing their efficacy by numbing the extra sensitive nerves around the penile area. The primary ingredient that causes such effects on the penis is the compound known as Lidocaine. It is a local anesthetic that is quite safe on the human body and does not interfere with the enjoyment that is derived during sex. Once it is sprayed on the penis, it takes around 10- 15 minutes to numb the region and inhibits any sort of ejaculatory activity. Beginners should know that the numbing effects of these powerful delay sprays do not affect the quality of sex nor the orgasm.

Pros Of using Delay Sprays From Sexy Lingerie Dubai

Say goodbye to premature ejaculation

Rekindles the sex life
No prescription needed
Effective within minutes
Deepens the intimacy
Zero side effects
Affordable Rates
Prolongs the sex session 

Recent Customer Testimonial

“Never before have I lasted for such a prolonged time in bed. Incredibly potent and safe. I would highly recommend it!”

Which Are The Most Effective Delay-Sprays?
Sexy Lingerie Dubai conveniently offers you a huge assortment of high-end delay sprays that can help you to achieve a prolonged duration of sex. You can simply choose the delay spray of your preference without any prescription for a gratifying sexual experience. We handpicked a wide range of sophisticated and time tested delay sprays for men that bestows you the power to control your climax. 
 Many other exotic varieties of delay sprays are included in our lineup. It is advised to start spraying the delay sprays in small amounts to initiate pleasurable sex. Overdoing it might result in delaying the ejaculation for extended periods, which is undesirable.
Moreover, an incredible aspect of these delay sprays from Sexy Lingerie Dubai is their efficacy to last for longer durations with a minimal amount of spray. All the products in our inventory are hands down the best delay sprays that you have ever come across.  People who are painfully distressed and on the receiving end should certainly use these incredible delay sprays from our exotic collection to stay on top of your sex life.

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