A Guide to the World of Lingerie

A Guide to the World of Lingerie

Out of the 7 billion human population on earth, 49.6% consist of the feminine gender. And with an ever-growing populace, the demand for lingerie has only increased. A whopping 29.9 billion dollars was the estimated global market size of the lingerie industry. Sexy lingerie Dubai is a one-stop destination for exploring and purchasing an enticing collection in the world of lingerie.

Due to this surge in demand, a wave of online stores that sell lingerie has amplified manifold. With a million different variants and styles, there are lots of top online lingerie stores that provide some of the sexiest lingerie brands in the world. “Sexy lingerie Dubai” is one such store that sells lingerie online. And we can assure you that, with affordable and competitive pricing, this is the best place to buy lingerie online.

In the present era, people are more conscious about choosing lingerie that are ideal for their lifestyle and comfort. Many renowned brands have researched, experimented, and created some of the most innovative lingerie outfits blended with state-of-the-art technology and fabrics. 

In this highly competitive industry, fashion designers are hired in huge numbers by these world-famous brands to create top-notch lingerie outfits that exude aesthetics, appeal, and confidence. This healthy competition has led companies to produce some of the most elegant and timeless lingerie suits of the contemporary era. Comfort and luxury have been redefined with these innovations.

Let’s now explore the different types of lingerie’s preferred by women:

Each woman is unique and has her peculiar taste and style. These likes are subjective to her lifestyle, needs, and comfort. Some of the lingerie in the list are especially worn by her on special occasions such as wedding nights, romantic date nights, or other intimate moments.

  • Bra

World of Lingerie

Generally called the “brassiere”, bras are the classical undergarment that thoroughly supports the women’s breasts. With the advent of technology and research, these undergarments have been introduced in different varieties for providing diverse benefits. They can be chosen for the type of neckline and also based on the material used. The various kinds of bras are Sports Bra, Plunge T-shirt Bra, Front closure Bra, Balconette bra, Push-up Bra, Bralette, Minimizer bra, Strapless Bra Sweetheart neckline etc…

  • Bustier


The Victorian era has been witness to a countless number of women in bustier. They are typically shapewear with an integrated bra. Being an all-time famous lingerie outfit, these undergarments flattens your tummy and lifts your bosom by fastening the strings and hooks from behind.

  • Bodysuit


Bodysuits can be aptly described as impeccable undergarments with a myriad of benefits. They are fashionable lingerie outfits that can be any time of the day. This sexy body-hugging inner garment envelops your belly and hips and usually comes in one piece. They can be made purely out of lace or t-shirt material with a deep neckline. The translucency of the material can be either opaque or sheer based on individual preference. A very ingenious design of this lingerie makes sure that you don’t have to remove the entire lingerie during bathroom emergencies as they are usually crotch-less designs.

  • Corset

World of Lingerie Corset

Another lingerie outfit that was famous during the Victorian era was the Corsets. At the first instance, they may seem to be identical to the Bustier type, but a closer inspection reveals the distinctiveness of this undergarment. These shapewear garments target the waist to reveal an hourglass figure by fastening the strings on a steel busk closure.

  • Bikini


Paris was the birth town of the modern-day bikini. This ultra-sexy lingerie was introduced by Jacques Heim who was an accomplished fashion designer in Paris. They are essentially worn as beachwear with a skimpy top and bottom covering the breasts and lower body with the exposed midsection. Generally, there are three categories of bikinis known as “low rise”, “mid-rise” and “high rise” bikinis.

Apart from the general classification there is a mind-boggling variety of bikinis available in today’s market with trendy designs and made out of different materials.

  • Chemise

World of Lingerie Chemise

Perhaps a very popular undergarment or sleepwear from ancient times to the contemporary era will be the “chemise”.

In the olden times, chemise was a popular undergarment among men too, but gradually the usage was ended with the women being the sole user. These undergarments are popularly sought for their extreme softness and comfort since the materials used to produce chemise are cotton, silk, or satin. 

  • Thong


If you want to ooze sexiness and femininity, then thongs are the go-to lingerie outfit. You can easily flaunt your curves as thongs are notorious for ample hip cleavage. The materials used to produce thongs include satin, cotton, or other lace varieties. These materials help your skin to breathe and provide freedom and flexibility. If you are a beach lover and wish to get rid of your bottom with that awkward panty line, then thong’s will definitely save your day.

  • Camisole


A very common and must-have wardrobe essential to women are the camisole tops. They are similar to tank tops and are crafted using either satin, cotton, silk, or nylon materials. Equipped with spaghetti straps, these simple and stylish undergarments are worn under a shirt or jacket. Camisole tops are very trendy and radiate a chic aura.


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