Explore Everything About Delay Sprays For Men In Dubai

Explore Everything About Delay Sprays For Men In Dubai

“It’s over before it starts” is a common phrase that has echoed the walls of several sex therapy clinics around the world. Many poor souls have been affected by these ghastly premature ejaculation scenarios. The feeling of helplessness that arises from not satisfying one’s partner has driven many men to depression and anger.

And as they say, every problem comes with a solution, the delay spray for men have undeniably played that crucial role in mitigating the worst effects of premature ejaculation. Moreover, men usually fantasize about having a massive sex marathon for straight 30-60 minutes. The probability of such a reality is very much possible with the help of these potent delay sprays. Inevitably a gratifying sexual experience is ultimately achieved from the use of such sophisticated and scientifically crafted delay sprays.


How does a delay spray work?

The most prominent effect that happens when you use a delay spray is that it numbs or reduces the sensitivity of nerves around the penis. This desensitization of the nerves leads to a delay in ejaculation which in turn prolongs your sexual session for a longer duration. Lidocaine is the primary component used in the delay sprays and several other ingredients like benzocaine are also included in the composition. Although some delay sprays have various other ingredients, the main purpose of them is to desensitize the sensitive penile nerves.


How To Use A Delay Spray

There is no prior training needed to use a delay spray. It is an effortless and hassle-free process that you will get used to, in a matter of time. All you have to do is read the instructions in the bottle, shake it well and just spray it on the penis. And, always make sure to read the instruction manual for understanding the unique features and ingredients of the delay spray

The Precautions and Recommendations To Remember While Using The Delay Sprays

  • The first and foremost recommendation while using the delay spray is to carefully read the instruction manual and ingredients for understanding the various guidelines in applying the delay spray. This can also be very beneficial in understanding the type of product, ingredients that you are going to use on your body and the specifics, regarding the application of the spray.
  • It’s better to use the delay spray by using two or three sprays at a time. You can start by using the least amount of sprays to understand the efficacy of the product.
  • Avoid using the whole hand to massage the sprayed solution, rather use two of your fingers to circularly smear the sprayed solution on the penis.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly after applying the delay spray to avoid numbness to any other part of the body during foreplay sessions.
  • Wait for a few minutes after applying, to get the optimum benefits of the delay spray. Let it get fully absorbed in the skin for maximum effects.
  •  You will surely understand the difference, once the effects start kicking in. Once this happens, start using your magic wand to thrust those wildest desires into action.

Three Of The Most Popular Delay Sprays In Dubai

Key Pleasure Enhancement Spray Energy Reach the ultimate depths of intimacy with the goodness of  Key Pleasure Enhancement Sprays offered by the iconic Sexy Lingerie Dubai. The tri variants known as the Time Stone, Energy Stone and Orgasm Stone are exclusively designed for the sexual wellness of men and women. 

  1. Time Stone – is a powerful delay spray used for prolonging ejaculation.
  2. Orgasm Stone – is an orgasm boosting spray for women.
  3. Energy Stone – is a powerful male sex drive boosting formula.

An exuberant sex life is always guaranteed for men and women with the Key pleasure enhancement sprays from Sexy Lingerie Dubai.



SIYI Pocked Sized Male Delay Spray

Take the potion of lovemaking anywhere you travel with the SIYI Pocked Sized Male Delay Spray offered by Sexy Lingerie Dubai. The long-lasting formula is crafted to create the most erotic moments with absolute vigour and intimacy like never before. This pocketable delay spray is manufactured to impress your loved one with the satisfaction that she has always craved for a long time.


The most iconic among the delay sprays in the middle east market is the  SIYI Male Delay Spray Cream from Sexy Lingerie Dubai. The massive effects that are offered by this ultimate delay spray are unrivalled in the online e-commerce platform. Moreover, the extended pleasure and prolonged duration that are offered by this variant have been crucial in establishing this delay spray among the top 3 premature ejaculation sprays in Dubai.


So, Where To Buy Delay Spray In Dubai?

The most embarrassing moments can be unquestionably avoided by using top-notch delay sprays for premature ejaculation. So feel free to explore an exceptional variety of long-lasting delay sprays and other range of sexual wellness products from Sexy Lingerie Dubai to lead a vibrant and satisfying sex life.

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